Under the Harkness Tower

The words "no photo yet"Over the course of junior year, I grew accustomed to the regular assault of the Carillon a few feet above my head. At the end of the spring term I negotiated a one-month extension for a term paper on the phenomenology of time. Little did I know my concentration was about to go into the deep freeze to make room for non-stop performances by an international carillonneurs convention. My head is still ringing and I am still working on that paper…

Aki Fleshler

The Harkness Tower Carillon

Harkness TowerI was working on a cleaning crew with other Yalies on the Old Campus for the reunions one Spring. During the lunch break I walked onto the sidewalk on High Street and found myself humming and singing a song, and as I sang the end of a verse, “But when I ask you to, you just tell me, that maybe you can … doo doo doo doo.” As I recognized the song I was humming and singing, I heard bells. Someone was playing Janis Joplin’s song “Move Over” from her Pearl album — on the Harkness Tower Carillon. I stopped humming, stopped walking, looked up, though there was nothing to see but the Tower and I listened to the rest of the inspired performance.

David Larkin