For an important time in our youth, Yale was home.

the Old Campus at Yale in spring

Is there a place or space on the Yale campus that was special? Something that still speaks to you now? Perhaps it was a piece of architecture or public art, perhaps a ball field or the stands behind them, perhaps a restaurant booth or a chapel pew. What made it so special?

​It’s been 50 years since we entered Yale. To commemorate this half-century, we are creating a photo-essay book based on personal remembrances of the physical campus. Please write about the Yale setting most memorable to you.

Check out the Considerations menu tab to learn more. Samples of classmates’ recollections have been uploaded to this website to help set a tone. When you’re ready, upload your own musing via the Post menu tab. You can post more than once for multiple recollections.

As the project progresses, this website will evolve. For now, it’s important to send in your recollections. Please do it now!