Woolsey Hall

Harkness Tower with the word "Sample" printed over itWoolsey Hall, with its ornate organ, gilded, coffered ceiling, commodious stage, and ample columnated audience space, remains imbedded in memory. I was as awed by the marble names in the rotunda, honoring the many Yale lives sacrificed in service to our country as I was horrified by the rows of shaky seats in the balconies, intimating disaster should the place be filled to capacity. Filled it was, when Horowitz chose Yale as his first venue at the end of a long artistic pause. And filled again for Janice Joplin with Big Brother and the Holding Company. Hardly disaster; more like triumph, be it old music or new in that grand old hall.

The Yale Glee Club performed at Woolsey several times a year, and it was a thrill each and every time. To sing, in white tie and tails no less where thousands before me had sung, to conduct the Alma Mater, complete with waving handkerchiefs, at the end of each concert (which was my purview as President of the YGC). I still get tingles down my spine as I recollect those moments.

Jim Weber