The basketball courts in Payne Whitney

The 5th floor basketball court in Payne Whitney GymThe Payne Whitney Gym basketball courts were a special place. After class, Andy Szebenyi and I used to go to the gym to play basketball and rejuvenate ourselves for post dinner studies. From Morse, the gym was a huge presence of a building. There was so much history there to take in.

Since there were usually many people waiting to play 5 on 5, when a group of 5 lost those on the sidelines would shoot free throws to determine the next 5. On a bad free throw afternoon, you could do a lot of watching and not much playing. I remember one game when a varsity player, Jim Morgan, was on the opposing 5, and we scrubs found it impossible to guard him. Still, to be in a gym where so many great athletes played and trained gave us a boost and a break from academics.

Alan Mandl