The Lipstick

Clas Oldenberg's sculpture, Lipstick (Ascending), in the Morse College Courtyard“The Lipstick,” a modern sculpture perpetrated by Claes Oldenburg, appeared unannounced one day in 1969 just outside Commons on Beinecke Plaza. I remember the assault of architectural contrasts, all in my one eyeful, of the Beinecke Library, Commons, Woodbridge Hall, and the Law School (neo-Gothic or something like that), then suddenly the pleasant shock of The Lipstick. The contrast was jarring and delightful, and repeated every day. I remember thinking that if Yale could accommodate styles from over 1000 years past, and now the simple forms of everyday life, that was somehow educational and worthwhile. Having thought through these profundities, then of course I went on to what was really important – the nature of the next meal at Commons.

Bob Nath