Ingalls Rink

Ingalls Rink an outside abutment used to climb to the roofIn the summer of 1968, I stayed in New Haven for an urban internship. In the evenings, Dick Woline and I worked on a summer edition of the Yale Daily News , to be sent to incoming students. One evening, Dick shared with me that to get away from the world, he liked to climb to the top of the hockey rink and commune with the stars. He asked if I wanted to join him, and even though I was dressed in my only (if cheap) suit, I said let’s do it.

The most difficult step was the first. The rink has curved concrete slabs on the side of each entrance, and you had to run up the curve and pull yourself onto the roof. From there the crawl to the top was gradual, but the concrete running up the center of the arched roof was very rough. My suit was a goner before we reached the summit. The effort was worth it. I am not sure what the actual height of the Whale is, but it is higher than you think. From the summit, we could see most of Yale, the buildings around the New Haven Green, and into the harbor.

Tim Bates