Connecticut Hall

My first lecture class was in a large room on the ground floor of the venerable Connecticut Hall. I felt intimidated by being surrounded by so many prep school graduates and top-of-their classes public school graduates. The professor started the session by asking whether anyone knew what David in the Bible was to bring back with him from a battle to be considered king.

Having been brought up in a southern Baptist denomination, I was sure I had the answer; but it was a bit bizarre, and, if wrong, would bring on embarrassment. Moreover, there were more young men of Jewish background in the group than I had ever seen; I was certain one of them would offer a response to an Old Testament question. As the silence wore on, I was just about to raise my hand and blurt out, ” the foreskins of a thousand Philistines!” but, alas, it was too late. The professor shook his head slightly and announced the answer that I was too timid to say aloud.

Dan Bottoms