Sterling Library

L & B Reading Room in Sterling LibraryI remember going into the main library, that first room on the right with the little rooms lining the wall facing the inner courtyard. Each had a pair of plush chairs upholstered in green leather facing the courtyard. A covered radiator, useful during the snow in winter, was between the chair and the window. I used to like to go there in the evening to study. The trouble was, I often had to read a book in French. It was rather boring, having to stop and look up frequent words in a story that wasn’t terribly interesting to begin with. Unfortunately, I almost always got too relaxed and sleepy to accomplish much. However, I felt very collegiate.

Robert Schechter

L & B Room

L&B alcoveThe reading alcoves in the L&B room at Sterling Library were cozy little chapels where I went to worship the written word. They had wonderful views of the courtyard plus sleep-inducing green leather chairs. Truth be told, I may have napped more than I read at the L&B. Whenever I’m back in New Haven, I always make a pilgrimage to the L&B.

Scott Simpson

College libraries

L&B Reading Room in Sterling LibraryHaving spent quite a bit of time reading history in campus libraries, I have fond memories of Sterling–green leather L&B couches, a fifth-floor carrel with a magnificent view for writing papers, and the manuscript room that housed the nineteenth century diaries of Yalies who studied in Germany I studied for my senior thesis. It was a moveable feast studying in all the residential colleges but Georgian Pierson and Gothic JE were like home.

Paul Chapman