Dwight Hall

Harkness Tower with the word "Sample" printed over itDwight Hall attracted many activist-minded students. These were almost exclusively amateur agitators applying what they viewed as Christian values to society’s ills. It was great fun! David Warren, later president of Wesleyan University, drafted me into participation in a summer program for 12-14 year olds from an inner-city school and a suburban school. It was a pivotal time in my emotional and educational growth as I had never borne responsibility for communicating with young people of that age and from such diverse backgrounds.

Dwight Hall was accessible from the street side as well as from the Old Campus. I believe the building remains much the same, and am sure the members continue to pursue socially responsible goals.

Dan Bottoms

Connecticut Hall

My first lecture class was in a large room on the ground floor of the venerable Connecticut Hall. I felt intimidated by being surrounded by so many prep school graduates and top-of-their classes public school graduates. The professor started the session by asking whether anyone knew what David in the Bible was to bring back with him from a battle to be considered king.

Having been brought up in a southern Baptist denomination, I was sure I had the answer; but it was a bit bizarre, and, if wrong, would bring on embarrassment. Moreover, there were more young men of Jewish background in the group than I had ever seen; I was certain one of them would offer a response to an Old Testament question. As the silence wore on, I was just about to raise my hand and blurt out, ” the foreskins of a thousand Philistines!” but, alas, it was too late. The professor shook his head slightly and announced the answer that I was too timid to say aloud.

Dan Bottoms

Vanderbilt Hall

Harkness Tower with the word "Sample" printed over itThe old iron gates were open from the street to the courtyard of Vanderbilt Hall. Three other young men and I had been assigned to suite number one, first entryway, first floor. The green Connecticut Limousine car discharged me by the gate. I was awed by the magnificent old building. The three-room suite, paneled in rich woodwork and featuring a large wood-burning fireplace, left me wondering how this Midwestern boy could have moved to the edge of joining the elite.

THE MOOSE -My roommates salvaged the mounted moose head from the attic of Peabody Museum and brought it to our suite in a taxi. I convinced the custodian to drive a spike into the mortar between the stone blocks of the wall so we could hang the heavy prize at an appropriate height.

Dan Bottoms