Briton Hadden Memorial Building

News room at the Yale Daily NewsFor a couple of bright college years I spent a good deal of time in the Briton Hadden Memorial Building, home of the Yale Daily News, where the invigorating process of getting the facts, “speaking” them with clarity and claiming a high ground of opinion went on at the oldest college daily. From my seniors I learned the craft of writing a newsworthy and readable story. I probed sources, hammered out copy, glad to type that “30” ending the piece and rewarded if the editor left much of it stand for publication. Many talented Yalies made their way through the halls of Briton Hadden. I am grateful I could associate with such an energized and dedicated group, now bound up always with the memory of that building.

David Poppel

The Balcony

View of the corner of York and Elm Streets from a Trumbull balconySenior year was a year of discoveries, the first being that I could squeeze my desk chair through the window of 1161 Trumbull College onto the narrow balcony that overlooked the corner of York and Elm. I spent a lot of time out there, often alone. The balcony provided a clear view as Liggett’s boarded up its windows and the National Guard marched by in the days leading up to Kent State. There were many more days, a speaker balanced in an open window, when I just soaked up the sun, put finishing touches on my senior paper, or read Charlie Reich’s book of wishful thinking, adrift on that balcony, not much of a rudder yet in hand, comforted being “outside,” but still anchored within the safety of that Gothic harbor.

– David Poppel