Hillhouse Avenue, just north of Grove

Harkness Tower with the word "Sample" printed over it

Hillhouse Avenue, first block north of Grove, looking toward Science Hill, on or just before the little bridge over the railroad right-of-way.

I was walking around campus on a lovely May day at a reunion – probably the 20th or 25th. When I reached this spot, suddenly and unexpectedly I felt a tightening in my chest, difficulty in breathing, and tears in my eyes. After reassuring myself that I wasn’t suffering a heart attack, I realized I was having a spontaneous emotional reaction to that place, some combination of beauty and loss and remembrance that resonated deep within me. To this day, I have no idea what prompted it – I can’t associate the spot with any specific incident from undergraduate days – but it brought home to me the power of memories and associations, even buried ones, and the degree to which Yale and the campus and my time there are part of who I am in some fundamental way that bypasses my conscious understanding.

– Don Kelley