900 Branford

The words "no photo yet"I’d have to say I really loved my room that I shared with two others (three if you include my girlfriend and now wife of 40 years!): 900 Branford. It had a working fireplace in a huge living room with a great bay-window and window seat that looked out on the main Branford courtyard with its swing.

That courtyard was also a favorite place for us, as were the catacombs under Branford – lots of ping pong games, the Branford buttery, the disco, and the room where my band practiced right under the master’s study. Master Trinkhaus had to enact a time limit on practices for his wife’s sake. I’m sure all that has changed a great deal since then – the basement was basically a fallout shelter at the time with some recreation spaces, but it was a lot of fun. There were a lot of other spots – the Yale architecture is great anywhere one hangs out, but those have the most meaning for us.

– Mark Williams