The snow cathedral

The words "no photo yet"First snow, freshman year, wet snow. Young men go out to throw snowballs at each other. As a New Englander, this is not my first wet snow, and I start rolling snowballs of a size to build with. Someone wants to start a fort. When a wall gets to a certain size, I demonstrate how you can make an arch with snow balls of a certain wetness and size.

A red-haired fellow directed the build of a very decent likeness of the gothic cathedral at Chartres. The front facade with my arch got a lot of detail, as impressive a work in snow as I have ever seen, with flying buttresses and all the named parts. One spire was taller than the other. Genuine 13th Century Gothic architecture among the wannabe gothic of Yale.

My goal as a Jewish pacifist at the time was more about avoiding snowball fights than getting the flying buttresses right. I think the cathedral was pretty successful at both. The red-haired guy became my roommate the next year.

– Mark Zanger