George and Harry’s

The two George and Harry’s restaurants were two blocks from each other and worlds apart. The Wall Street G&H became known as a pizza place but was the first place I had their seven layer cake (“You’re smart,” the guy at counter said—to anyone ordering anything I guess.) The seven layer cake was the first time I saw that much butter creme in multiple layers anywhere. I remember the seats near the plate glass window in the front that opened to the fall colors surrounding Silliman College. It had the feel of a college eatery.

The Temple G&H was where we went for late evening snacks. It was darker, more like a place where New Haven town folk would eat, rather than Yale College students. Both places had counter service. I always had coffee and cake during the daylight hours on Wall Street, and liverwurst sandwiches in the evening on Temple Street.

Neil Blumberg

Top floor restaurant of Kline Biology Tower

Harkness Tower with the word "Sample" printed over itPleasant place for lunch with a spectacular view of downtown New Haven and the entire campus.  Remember meals here with Professor Dick Goldsby and graduate student Perry Karfunkel, who were key mentors and friends in my early career as a scientist.  Always grateful for the truly powerful positive influence of Yale’s scientific community on my education and personal growth.  I gather this space hasn’t been a restaurant for a long time, but it was a lovely place in the 1960s.  Felt very special and privileged. 🙂

Neil Blumberg