Pierson Library

Pierson College libraryPierson library was a special place. I always studied there for finals. It was quiet, elegant, and conducive to study. The old-fashioned architecture, the soaring ceiling that was the interior of Pierson Tower, and the availability of the very top room almost to the top of Pierson tower when I needed some serious study all beckoned, especially in the spring. Often enough, one of the talented pianists in Pierson would be playing the piano. Junior year I particularly remember sweating out integral equations to the tune of Chopin’s Military Polonaise.

Even during exam period, Pierson Libe was accessible 24/7. And the Pierson common room often had coffee all night long for the seriously worried. The piece de resistance was one of the lampshades where, if you checked the inside, as I did every year, was inscribed, “Winnipeg whore, won’t you come out tonight?”

Tom Neagle