Davenport College

Davenport College, rear courtyard in the autumnI remember the Davenport college, with its large upper courtyard and its smaller back courtyard. The back courtyard was somehow cozier, perhaps because that was where my windows faced on the rooms that I had. There was a small television room on the structure between the two courtyards. I only went there occasionally to see Captain Kirk and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise. During that hour, the room was standing room only.

I remember when the Beatles came out with Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. I wasn’t particularly into that type of music, but for some reason that record became the rage hit. People would place their stereo speakers in their windows facing outward and play the music very loudly, as if they were disc jockeys with the assignment of playing loud music for the rest of the world. This used to annoy me, since it made it very hard to read anything else or think. I also found it somewhat arrogant that these people thought they had the right to decide what everybody else wanted to hear and to impose it upon them. Recently, I bought a CD of that album. Whenever I played it, it immediately brought back memories of Davenport college and Yale.

Robert Schechter

Cupola in Davenport College

Harkness Tower with the word "Sample" printed over itFor three years I roomed with Barney O’Meara in 1353 Davenport College on the fourth floor above the beautiful curving stairs to the main wing of the college. If you climbed past our floor you came to a fifth floor and then to an attic with a ladder that led to a trapdoor that opened onto the octagonal cupola. You could see all over New Haven from up there. Barney decided to turn it into a place “where we could take girls.” He found two mattresses, cut off the corners, and fitted them into the space. He also piped in some music. It was a really cool space.

As for the girls, I only took one up there, and a day after graduation I married her.

David Wyatt