Robert Taft Library

The Robert Taft Library in Jonathan Edwards CollegeThe Robert Taft Library, housed in the old Weir Hall (1912) which was later incorporated into JE in 1965. This hideaway of a library was my place of study, contemplation, escape and a not so occasional nap. Windows overlooked the old sculpture garden of the Art Gallery; day dreaming was easy, especially gazing at the seldom used garden in Spring.

George Lowe

JE TV Room

The TV Room housed in a small square building off the JE courtyard  was the place to gather nightly after dinner to watch Walter Cronkite deliver the sad and bad news from Vietnam and to glimpse a feared slice of our immediate future.  At last visit (2010) this little building was used for storage for JE maintenance and gardening crew.

George Lowe

Library Walk

Library WalkLibrary Walk, between JE and Branford, remains a special place for me. The solid architectural statement made by these two colleges served as a frame for my frequent walks along the tree-lined great stone walkway. It offered a short journey, long enough to reflect on the day’s prospects or share repartee with passing classmates. Perhaps this space also symbolized important transitions for me: a change from West Coast to East Coast surroundings; a daily commute from Wright Hall to Pierson College; a compact stage upon which the seasons played their respective roles; the development of a naive teenager into a young man questioning his place in the world. A location attached to my memory by a sense of belonging, curiosity, enthusiasm and hope.

Thatcher Shellaby

College libraries

L&B Reading Room in Sterling LibraryHaving spent quite a bit of time reading history in campus libraries, I have fond memories of Sterling–green leather L&B couches, a fifth-floor carrel with a magnificent view for writing papers, and the manuscript room that housed the nineteenth century diaries of Yalies who studied in Germany I studied for my senior thesis. It was a moveable feast studying in all the residential colleges but Georgian Pierson and Gothic JE were like home.

Paul Chapman