The Balcony

View of the corner of York and Elm Streets from a Trumbull balconySenior year was a year of discoveries, the first being that I could squeeze my desk chair through the window of 1161 Trumbull College onto the narrow balcony that overlooked the corner of York and Elm. I spent a lot of time out there, often alone. The balcony provided a clear view as Liggett’s boarded up its windows and the National Guard marched by in the days leading up to Kent State. There were many more days, a speaker balanced in an open window, when I just soaked up the sun, put finishing touches on my senior paper, or read Charlie Reich’s book of wishful thinking, adrift on that balcony, not much of a rudder yet in hand, comforted being “outside,” but still anchored within the safety of that Gothic harbor.

– David Poppel

Trumbull College library

Trumbull College libraryThe Trumbull College library was an oasis of peace and quiet amid the hustle and bustle of Yale, where I could have uninterrupted time to think, read, study and write (I can still vividly remember reading Joyce’s Ulysses there, over a three day period, during sophomore year). It was located above the Trumbull common room leading into the dining hall, with a full wall of windows looking down onto the dining hall. It was a small library, but there are those of us Bullmen in the class of ’70 who loved it.

Bill W. Boyd, M.D.