Name at the foot of an altar

altar with inscribed dedication to Charles Alfred PillsburyI spent a lot of time in Battell Chapel. It is and remains a holy space. During our senior year, I was invited to serve as a Chapel Deacon. One Sunday morning, I brought the offering we had just collected to the altar to be blessed. As I was handing the offering plate to one of the chaplains, I looked down and saw these words: “In Memoriam, Charles Alfred Pillsbury, Class of 1939”. It took my breath away. I felt like I had wandered into a cemetery and found my name on a gravestone, except with the wrong date.

Later, I discovered that this war memorial had been dedicated on Sunday, October 5, 1947, the day I was born.

In 1989, I attended a memorial service for the deceased members of the Class of 1939. After the service, I had the opportunity to meet some of my uncle’s friends, two of whom had named sons after my uncle. Some of you may know them: Charles Pillsbury Coggeshall, Class of 1968, and Charles Pillsbury Resor, Class of 1969.

Charles Pillsbury