Steam Tunnels

The words "no photo yet"We were a small crew that spent many nights running around under the campus in the steam tunnels. One of us was very good with locks and locksmithing, and he always had a key to get us in. We would raid the butteries at night for orange juice, and sometimes we got into Sterling Library (I recall the Room of Chairs, which had a huge pile of discarded chairs). It was mainly the thrill of being where we were not supposed to be, and having an alternative geography of the Yale campus.

Richard Smith

The road to the Yale Golf Course

Yale Golf Course, 18th hole.Driving to the Yale Golf Course (and playing of course) in classmate Terry Jones’ vintage 3.8 Jag sedan.

The contrast between the “Old Yale” embodied by the beauty and serenity of the course, the pleasure of the ride out in Terry’s beater classic Jag, and the “New Yale” with Frisbee, pot, rock and roll, watching for the hot dog man at 2 AM, sneaking into the steam tunnels and popping up who knows where are impressions that have lasted.

Per Sweetman