On recollections

Some things to keep in mind

Linonia and Brothers reading room in Sterling library at Yale

What place on the Yale campus was especially meaningful to you during your student years? A building, a courtyard, the view from your window, a room, a wonderfully comfortable chair? What made it speak to your heart?

A couple of your classmates, Ben Slotznick and Stuart Cohen, are creating a class of ’70 photo essay and book exploring the role of the Yale campus in our student (and alumni) experience. Especially at a place like Yale, the built environment is more than just the background. It has an impact, and some places surely more than others. What piece of built Yale impacted you enough that you recall it with feeling? Why this place? What did it mean to you then, and does it still have meaning now?

Each of these essays tells the story of the relationship between a classmate and a unique place. Yes, this offers opportunities for classmates to channel their inner Vincent Scully! Vince and his art history colleagues taught many of us how “to see” – so it’s an especially meaningful exercise now, as Vince passed away in 2018.

We will do our best to include as many comments as we can make fit, but please understand that it is possible that your recollection might not make it into the book, or might be used in one version of the project but not another.  We may do minor text editing. For more substantive editing we will contact you for approval.

This is a big project. Although the collection of remembrances and photographs is complete, it will take at least a year to finish organizing, editing, printing etc. We intend to have it finished well before our 50th reunion in 2020.