Samples & Drafts

Harkness Tower with the word "Sample" printed over itThis compilation of architectural recollections is an ongoing project. But today’s technology allows everyone to follow its progress.

Put most simply, you don’t have to wait for the book to be printed. You can view the remembrances as they are compiled and as the photographs are added. Some of you want the ability to make changes before the print versions. Now, you can see what you wrote, and if you want, send us revisions (as long as we are still in aggregation mode).

Today’s technology also allows everyone to add additional recollections if so moved. There just is no page limit to an online compendium.

Hopefully by seeing examples of what others wrote, and the places about which they wrote, as well as the places not yet described, more classmates will be inspired to write down their own memories of places and spaces.

We’re building an evolving index. You can look up the recollections of particular classmates, or recollections of particular places. We hope to add many more of both.

For a list of places remembered, click here.
Below are Classmates who have written remembrances (so far)

Greg Abbott
John Apruzese
Joel Bard
Neil Blumberg
John Boak
Bruce Borchardt
Dan Bottoms
F. Richard Bowen
Bill Boyd
Bob Camargo
Paul Chapman
Gordon Clark
DeFrance Clarke
Stuart Cohen
Philip Coleman
James Conroy
Conrad Cummings
Don Davis
Bryan DiSalvatore
Carl Eifler
Matt Epstein
Howard Evert
David Ezzio
Aki Fleshler
Mark Fulford
Jose A. Giron
James Glickman
Randy Helm
Philip Howard
Terry Jackson
David Jefferson
David Johnson
Fred Karp
Don Kelley
Marvin Krakow
Edward Landler
David Larkin
Rich Levin
Wayne Liebman
Bill Littlefield
Dennis McClure
Llewellyn Miller
Miriam Mills
Phil Moncharsh
David Monk
Stephen Morris
Tom Neagle
David Nix
Bruce Parker
Bill Peck
David Perlman
Orrin Persky
Charles Pillsbury
David Poppel
Bill Rossbach
Robert Schechter
Joshua Shapiro
Thatcher Shellaby
Peter Sheras
Scott Simpson
Ben Slotznick
Richard Smith
Per Sweetman
Tap Taplin
Paul Taylor
William Vogel
Thomas Walker
Larry Wasser
Jim Weber
Tom Weil
Andrew Weltchek
Mark Williams
Robert Witkowski
David Wyatt
Mark Zanger